Dental CareLife Care Animal Hospital has provided dental care for many years. It is well known that poor oral health is a serious problem afflicting a large number of patients. A majority of pets over three years of age have some form of tooth and or gum disease. Unchecked, chronic dental disease and periodontal infections cause pain, tooth loss, and are a drag on overall health. Regular dental care, including brushing and good management at home as well as professional cleaning under sedation, will keep you dog or cat happier and healthier.

At a professional cleaning appointment your pet is anesthetized with the same care as they would be for surgery. Each tooth is then cleaned above and below the gum line and polished; evaluated by a veterinarian, and x-rayed. The addition of high grade digital radiology has brought veterinary dentistry to a new level, revealing problems before they are otherwise detectable.

When a tooth is beyond help and an extraction is needed, all possible care is used to minimize discomfort. Nerve blocks and post-op analgesics are routine. The goal, of course, is to prevent extractions in the first place.

Let us help your pet have a longer, healthier life.