Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is foundational to health. Optimum health, best possible recovery from illness or injury, and coping with chronic disease all require appropriate and balanced diet.

Fad diets and marketing jargon, prestige pricing, buzz words, and sometimes honest disagreement among authorities can give even experienced pet owners pause. We can help you sort through the confusing and often contradictory barrage of recommendations from the pet food industry and internet.

The diet best for your friend in health may not be ideal when they are ill or injured. Many illnesses alter nutrient digestion, processing or loss from the body. Healing patients sometimes require more nutrients to heal, but are less active and more prone to unhealthy weight gain.

As our pets live longer lives, chronic health problems are increasingly common. Musculoskeletal problems, organ function deterioration, and changing lifestyles all need to be addressed nutritionally. Our doctors and staff understand these issues and want to make the best possible recommendations.